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Is Renting an Industrial Shredder in Fountain Valley Worth It?

Whether you are solely keeping track of your own personal information, or you are responsible for the proper disposal of your Fountain Valley business records, you need to know how to properly destroy anything confidential so it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

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Shredding your paperwork is an essential safeguard when running a business, and it’s a good habit to get into in your personal life to make sure your private information stays out of the wrong hands. Certain documents need to be kept for years, while others can be trashed immediately. But before you throw away your precious information into an insecure dumpster, consider shredding your documents to unreadable pieces. The decision to sit down and shred piles of paperwork you have saved over the years can be a tough one, but this is where scanning becomes key.

People often struggle with the decision to destroy their personal documents, after all, it is an important document, and who knows if or when you will need to reference it again. If you find yourself in this situation and have stacks of records taking up valuable desk space, try scanning your documents before you shred them. This solution provides a perfect compromise. Electronic records can easily be stored securely if done correctly. 

And with all of your paperwork stored away on your computer, you are safe to shred your documents into confetti sized bits and throw a party! Electronic access is secure and easy, and with today’s technology you can even access documents remotely via the cloud.

In some instances it is smart to keep the original hard copies of documents, but if you pair that practice with a scanning procedure for the rest of your documents, you can save space and tidy up your workplace. No matter how you choose to organize your private documents, our Fountain Valley Professionals can help get your project started.

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